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Welcome to the 1st Workshop on Biomedical Applications of Geochemistry

Biomedical Applications of Natural Stable Isotope Variations
The workshop is dedicated to all advances in the use of natural stable isotope fractionation in biomedicine. In humans and animals, dietary uptake and distribution between organs (soft and hard tissues) of elements is carried out with varying efficiency due to physico-chemical processes and redox conditions. This leads to already observed large isotopic fractionation which may be used in addition to trace element concentrations to better constrain the metabolic cycling of the elements. Beyond demonstrating that tools and methods used in geochemistry may also be successfully applied to biomedical problems, the goal of the workshop is to setup a new scientific community composed of biologists, physicians and geochemists.

 For any further information about the 1st Workshop on Biomedical Applications of Geochemistry, please contact Dr Vincent Balter

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